Sandro Parmiggiani

It happens, in painting, that an artist finds a reason that arouses the interest and the favour of his or her followers, thus the temptation to repeat it - perhaps with tired versions rarely imbued with that pathos that liven up discovery and the revelation of something new, when it  interacts with the inner life - can become irresistible.

Playing dreams

Maria Giuseppina Fagandini

“The first traces of man's poetic activity are in a child's play. The child at play behaves like a poet, he builds his own world, or rather, gives to his liking a new arrangment of the things of his world” Freud, “The Relation of the Poet to Daydreaming”


Sandro Parmiggiani

Photography is in its innermost structure, a means of recording, storing, spreading and retrieving individual and collective memories.

Mauro Bonaretti

Memory, in a game of good / bad, is instinctively placed among the good. Indeed, when thinking about memory we have an immediate, always natural inclination towards the enchantment. As if in our lives all that is past is magic if compared to the present and to all that is to come.

Robert Pujade

Dans son œuvre photographique en noir et blanc, Bruno Cattani adoptait une attitude originale face aux œuvres d’art en s’intéressant aux effets qu’elles produisent sur le public amateur. La visite des lieux d’exposition, la vie même des œuvres constituaient une approche où la photographie rivalisait avec la recherche théorique.

Polaroid Luoghi dell'arte

Michel Quétin

Reminiscing one evening of his beginnings with some friends, the photographer Sebastiao Salgado underscored the important role that visiting picture galleries had had for him.

Robert Pujade

The colloquy of silence - No other photographer before Bruno Cattani had ever focused so much on what the critics call the life of art, the way artwork has of communicating, tacitly and simply through its presence in dedicated areas.

Michèle Moutashar

I have long searched in Bruno Cattani’s photographic universe for what made me feel dizzy all the time…

Charles-Henry Favrod

I greatly appreciate Bruno Cattani’s research into the museums that house antique collections. I would be tempted to define it a hunting expedition, such is the energy, fire and sensuousness he has put into it. The result is astounding.

Polaroid - Figure nel tempo

Michel Quétin

Eternal recurrence? Describing photographs is considered a futile activity because – as the poet Paul Valéry said – there is no point in “describing impressions of ourselves …”. But this expression helps me to explain the emotions brought out by the photographs of Bruno Cattani.

Robert Pujade

Light on a Visit. Some reactions to Bruno Cattani’s photographs. The museums, ruins and ancient monuments Bruno Cattani explores with his photography are, by very definition, things to be looked at.